The Kiss

I find your lips
through the thick forest
of your beard
succulent like a decadent dessert
luscious as a garden
of blooming red roses
whose thorns scratch my cheeks
just enough to tickle
but not enough to bleed.

-Jenna Kist

Two Lips

Your two lips like petals
shape the words that make me quiver
eyes become the sun
that warm the garden of desire
thirsty for my single teardrop
those three words I love you
burst forth like a violent storm
that took me down
ravished in one fell swoop
only to be caught in the safety
of your rescuing arms
your two lips like petals met mine
and I no longer had to guess
if they were soft like velvet
or smooth like satin.

-Jenna Kist


You stole my breath
with your stare
like I’d been struck
in the chest
from the inside out
for lack of words
in my daydreams
yet I couldn’t look away
and that’s when I knew
I was hooked.

-Jenna Kist

Our Dance

Your touch today new

yet somehow familiar

like taking a wrong turn

only to end up

where I began

matching my footsteps

to your heart beating

we’re dancing to our song

I remember the moves

but have forgotten

all the words.

-Jenna Kist

By Heart

When I close my eyes

it’s your face I see

no matter how long

we’ve been apart

I can’t get you

out of the crevices

of my mind

you creep back

on tip toes

hiding my eyes

with your soft hands

that won’t let go

it’s always been you

even though I deny it

I can’t get you out

like a song stuck

in my head

your face plays

over and over again

until I memorize

every inch of you

like words

by heart.

-Jenna Kist